Saturday, August 07, 2010


It's been the most wonderful week of sand and surf, beach and bliss while on vacation with my husband in Rehoboth. Each moment has been such a joy, and it's been a thrill to include my artistic work in such a buoyant atmosphere.
I had packed a few plays to read while on vacation, and when we'd hit the beach, I'd bring along a script to focus on while relaxing in the sand.

The sound of the waves, the call of the seagulls, the cool salty breeze... there's something so rejuvenating about the sea! It encourages a sense of openness and expansion, and it was lovely to approach my acting work from that place.

The sea air, the pull of the tide, being on the beach and in the water with my husband and friends... the days filled with laughter and love... Pure bliss!

As this vacation comes to a close, my husband bought me this gift: A Survival Guide for Land-Locked Mermaids.

I've always had an affinity for mermaids, and when we saw the book in a local store, it was too fitting!

Beautifully crafted with gorgeous illustrations, this charming book speaks so keenly to my inner siren:

"There is a splendor in being true to yourself... If you hide your authentic self from the rest of the world, a unique life will pass you by... So head up, chest out, tail fanned... Dare to bare your heart and and soul... and be true to yourself." - Margot Datz

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