Friday, June 11, 2010

In the thick of it

Whenever I'm having a challenging day, my friend, Tina, always reminds me that I'm in the thick of making my dreams come true. I'm living it every day!

And I feel that way now more than ever.

Coming off of the Hell's Belles staged reading at HA! Comedy Club, I went right into Committed Impulse Actor Training with Josh Pais, and I feel like I haven't stopped moving. I'm in this... pace! And it's exciting!

You know when you take a class that just turns your head around? It's fabulous! It's also scary and uncertain, but hey, that's life!

And I feel like this wild culmination of all of my studies are coming together: Karen Kohlhaas' classes at The Atlantic (I swear, I walk taller because of her), Carol Fox Prescott's "On the Breath / Joy of Acting," Chas Elliott's vocal coaching, VP Boyle's musical theatre classes, working with my Musical Mondays workshop buddies... everything feels like it's coming together inside of me!

And I LOVE going to auditions! I love riding that wave of energy, going into a room, feeling all that nervous stuff, but also feeling excited about doing my work, bringing a character to life, reading a new script!

Yesterday I went in for Mrs. Warren's Profession, coming to Broadway with Cherry Jones, and I'd never been exposed to the play before, so when I finally got to read it, I was like WOW! SHAW! I mean, all these treasures! Old playwrights! New playwrights! There is so much art on the page of a play!

So of course, I'm always reading. On the subway, my favorite thing to do is to read a scene from a play. I just finished reading Adam Bock's The Receptionist, and it was MIND-BLOWING! I wish I would've seen it when it was playing Off Broadway. And I'll never forget reading Private Lives on the train, reading about these lush tempestuous characters while shuttling under the streets of Manhattan. It's just wild!

And I'm IN it! Walking out of the Actors Equity building where so many auditions are held, right into the heart of Times Square, being surround by all these wonderful Broadway theatres.

I am here and I LOVE it!

And I am making it happen. :)

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