Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everyday Pleasures

My friend, Tina, is always sharing gorgeous pics on her blog, The Essential Herbal, and it is a sweet sweet taste of the country.

Here in Manhattan, I am always dazzled by something. My auditions and performances take me all over the city, and it feels like one delightful adventure after another. Last week, it was Times Square. There was just something delicious about walking around the city in the morning after signing up for an audition. It was remarkably peaceful and quiet, which is unusual for Times Square.

Today, I was at an audition downtown on Bleecker Street, and I just love going down there.

It's a street that connects the East and West Village, and I just love how artsy and edgy it is.

I've auditioned at the Bleecker Street Theater a few times, and performed Got You on the mainstage there last Fall.

Today I was auditioning in the smaller theatre, which was still an awesome space!

It's always interesting to audition in the theatre itself. Since most auditions are in a brightly lit rehearsal studio, there's something so lovely about walking into a dark, intimate theatre and going onstage into the blinding spotlight, doing a scene, and then leaving the theatre, going back into the "real world."

That little infusion from Bleecker Street must've opened my eyes to the other beauties of the city. On my way back to my support job, I saw this charming little garden outside of a brownstone, and I just marveled at all the work someone had put into it.

It's lovely, isn't it?

There are so many delights to be found everywhere every day. We just have to be open to seeing them, and take time to nurture them within our ourselves.

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