Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seasons In The Sun

It's cool when you get to see a friend have a big moment.

Last night, I met up with my childhood friend, Kara Herold, and we hadn't seen each other since high school! She's in NY, showcasing her documentary Bachelorette 34 which is playing at the Museum of Modern Art, and it's screening tomorrow (Sunday) at 1:30 PM if you're in the city and want to catch a really fun, innovative film.

For the past few weeks, I've been seeing Kara's poster in subways around the city, and it's such a thrill! It reminds me of when my sweetheart, Rob, designed a billboard for Swatch in Times Square.When you get to see people you care about get their big moment, it's such a joy!

I also got to visit with Kara's mom and dad at the MoMA last night, and that was such a trip. These people were a pretty big part of my childhood since our families all grew up together on the same street. Kara was the first person to introduce me to the Helen Keller story, and we both shared a love of drama and musicals. We played the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music, breaking the rules and performing in a high school musical before we were in high school.

It's funny - Kara's dad said last night, "I remember you and Kara putting on shows as kids, and you're both still doing that!"

I love that we're making our dreams come true.

It was so cool to see Kara's film. It was so innovation and interesting, mixing animation with old footage from the 50s and 60s, and addressing the important issue of a woman's sense of fulfillment in this day and age.

Kara's mom, Alice, is a big star of the show, searching for a marriageable man for her daughter, but what stands out in the film is the idea of the “quirkyalone, ” a name given to happy singletons, written about by in a now-famous essay by Kara's close friend, Sasha Cagen. I believe the focus here is on women, but this term also makes me think of many marvelous men I know who are also choosing to nurture themselves on their own while they seek fulfillment in the midst of seeking a mate to share the ride with them.

“I think women want more options," Kara says. "They realize it’s better to be single than it is to be in a relationship for the sake of it.”

Again, I believe this holds true for men and women. I have seen both sides of the coin.

What I loved most about this film is what it says about generations past and present, and how, whether we like it or not, we are all intertwined.

I like it. I think there's much to learn from those who've come before us, and we can also learn from ourselves, by listening to and loving ourselves, paving the way for future generations.

"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face." - Helen Keller

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