Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exciting time

Man, time is flying! It's been so jam-packed with joy and life lessons. I'm still taking it all in.

I've certainly learned to multi-task!

While prepping for my callback for Snoopy (2 week Off Broadway gig), I'm also working on new monologues for my monologue class with Karen Kohlhaas at the Atlantic Theatre School, and I've been prepping for the annual regional theatre auditions. Theatres from all over the country come to the city this time of year to hold their seasonal auditions, and I usually shy away from the monologue auditions, but not this time, baby! Since I booked 2 Off Broadway plays last year via "cold readings," I figured I could expand my horizons. And boy, am I glad I have been!

This monologue class has given me tools I can use in ANY audition, and I am actually having FUN in monologue auditions (and feeling effective with my work) again. No hit or miss. I can totally go for it because I have a strong, structured base and tools for freedom that can work every time I audition. It's amazing, and I'm having a blast with what I can now "bring to the table."

I definitely used my new found knowledge at the Snoopy callback, which resulted in making it to the final round of callbacks yesterday.

The final callbacks were a BLAST! Incredibly fun, funny, and at times intense, I forgot how final callbacks for a musical can sometimes take up half the day or longer. I was there for about 4 hours, dancing, singing, reading the script. It was a blast, and I remembered very quickly how you need to pace yourself to maintain that high level of energy needed for a musical. It's like running a marathon! But wow, what a ride!

Now I'm focused on fulfilling my work for the last class of this monologue workshop (4 monologues in 4 weeks)! Man, I'm going to miss it, that wonderful sense of structure, working on a new monologue to perform in class each week while still nurturing the other monologues and songs I'm working on as well. But that's one of the wonderful things this class has given me: the ability to set goals for myself and keep the momentum going by drilling my current pieces, constantly reading plays, looking for monologues in all sorts of places, and increasing my repertoire with work I enjoy.

One of the things I love about this process is that I'm learning to focus on what I can and cannot control. That's actually what drew me to Karen's book and class in the first place. Her book opens with a checklist of things we can control (being prepared, choice of material, how we "talk" to ourselves before and after an audition) vs. the things we can't control like "what they're looking for?"

It's about working to our own satisfaction. And I love that!

Onto the next adventure! :)

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