Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blessed in Friendship

These past few days have brought me an influx of friends. It's just such a treat when you get time to connect with people you care about and who care about you.

I saw my friend, Deb Radloff, for lunch yesterday. We had worked together a year ago on Hell's Belles, and we've done a few readings together (SIN, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Vienna) and recently recorded a demo of the new musical Argentina Rumpus. Deb is an amazing woman, phenomenal friend, incredible actress and singer, and she's also training to be a yoga instructor. Talk a Renaissance gal! I'm just so proud of her and very excited to be working on a cabaret with her.

Since she's going through intense training to be a yoga instructor, she shared with me one of the sutras, which is something akin to "Change your mind and you change your world." Ironically, this has been something I've been exploring as well, realizing how perspective - and a positive one at that - has such an incredible bearing on our life experiences.

My brother confirmed this with his college course on Hindu studies and how he's realizing that what he focuses his thoughts on grows, whether its good or bad, so why not focus on the good stuff and increase the good in our lives?

I totally dig it.

And speaking of good stuff, check out my friend Wayne Henry on Logo's Big Gay Sketch Show contest produced by Rosie O'Donnell:

Wayne needs over 4,000 votes to get to the next round, so please cast your vote! You can do so every 24 hours, and believe me, this funny man is worth every second!
Wayne and I worked together on Johnny on a Spot, though we actually didn't get any stage time together. When he was on, my character was up to mischief offstage and vice versa. But we had such a blast backstage and in rehearsals that we swore our characters should come together for their own show! Hmmmm - perhaps we really should give those characters their due. I have no doubt hilarity would abound!

I love how all these people inspire me - artistically, professionally and personally. I am surrounded by really wonderful folks and that makes "the ride" so much fun!

Happy trails!

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