Monday, January 26, 2009

Paddy Chayefsky

I'm working on a play by Paddy Chayefsky for my monologue class with Karen Kohlhaas at the Atlantic Theatre School, and I just had to pay kudos to this great writer. I've always been fascinated with his plays, The Tenth Man and Middle of the Night. His work is humble, human, and warmly intimate.

I'm really impressed with how timeless some of his work is. This play I'm currently working on is from the '50s and deals with "the real connection" between two people, particularly in a marriage. Sex, emotions, the mental connection of two like minds. It's all as relevant today as it was then, and I find myself constantly tipping my hat to Mr. Chayefksy and his wonderful writing.

One of my friends asked me who he was, so I did my research and discovered this beloved playwright was an Academy Award winning screenwriter:

My parents were big fans of the films "Network" and "Altered States," and I find it fascinating that Mr. Chayefsky's work still resonates with so many generations. Very very cool.

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