Friday, January 16, 2009

Class and Creativity

I had an awesome class last night with Karen Kohlhaas. It was my first time at the Atlantic Acting School which was such a treat. I've auditioned for productions in the actual theatre spaces for the Atlantic Theatre Company which is in a completely different building altogether. The classroom I was in for Karen's class was warm and cozy and a perfect space to mirror the many monologue audition spaces an actor will find themselves in.

I tell ya, if you've ever had any issues with monologues or wanted to get more out of them, this is the class to take! It lets you look at your work from the outside in, creating effective staging and guilde-lines for a work environment that lets you get the most out of your material, from creating clear choices to providing really meaty acting exercises once you get inside the piece.

I'm still reeling, taking it all in. What an absolute blast!

On that highly creative note, I'm wearing my Hippie Cream shirt today in honor of my little brother and the awesome band he's playing with this weekend at The Beach Comber in Oxnard, CA. They are racking up gigs in LA pretty quickly as people are catching onto their groovy tunes. I believe they even got an invite to play in 'Frisco and Las Vegas, so catch the wave! If you like music that ranges from soulful to silly, old-school rock n roll punk to funky-country-folk, Hippie Cream might just be your cup of tea. :)
(my Mom and me show the love with Hippie Cream T's).

Rock on and have a great weekend!

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