Thursday, December 04, 2008

Very Motivational

Almost 3 years ago, I took a class called The Musical Theatre Forum and it was one of those life-changing experiences. It's taught by VP Boyle who is the consummate "man of many hats" since he juggles work as a director, casting director, actor, singer, writer, producer and one of the best audition coaches in this country.
VP recently published a book called Audition Freedom, and apparently yours truly is in a story within the pages. :)

Last year at this time, he coached me on my rendition of Janis Joplin for the musical, Hell's Belles. We had such a blast finding my whiskey growl! :) This morning VP sent me this amazingly motivational clip called "Motivational... Period!" I just had to share it here because it really is amazing what we can accomplish when we aren't hampered by perceived limitations.

And from The Pursuit of Happyness: "Don't ever let somebody tell you... you can't do something... You want something. Go get it. Period."

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