Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Snow

There is nothing like the first snow of the year. It is just so beautiful, pure and white. I always marvel at it and simply have to be outside IN it! :)

That's how this past Sunday was for me. I awoke to find snowflakes drifting past my windows, and was absolutely delighted to see all the NY rooftops covered with white. It was a light dusting and wasn't rumored to stick, so I threw on my big coat and snowboots and went dashing through the snow. :)

My sweetheart and I gathered some pine boughs and wreaths for our apartment, courtesy of our favorite bodega/grocery/flower-stand. Then we hurried home as the snow was already turning to icy rain and spent the rest of the day decking our halls with holiday trimmings.

This weekend I also rehearsed my Singing Nun songs and scenes for the Bound for Broadway concert. It was great to get back into this character a year later. I've grown a lot since then and it was neat to discover some new things about Jeanine, the Singing Nun, and her experience with her world. Really cool stuff.

More to come!

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