Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Music

In the musical Ragtime there is a glorious song about "New Music" and how music can inspire us, change us, bring us to life in ways we never dreamed of... And there is something about NY in the Autumn that simply hums with that same kind of energy.

There is a pulse, a heartbeat to the city, that everyone seems to tune into. And though we've been having a bit of a heatwave lately (cue Marilyn Monroe singing, "We're having a heatwave... a tropical heatwave....") I've been enjoying that Fall frenzy that fills the air.

Since most of my auditions are around Times Square, I've been racing about, dodging taxi cabs and tourists as I make my way to the audition studios that are scattered throughout town. I usually walk by the Broadway theatres on my way to these auditions, and I've been delighted to see trucks parked outside the stage doors where stagehands are unloading set pieces for the new shows. The stage doors are wide open, and it's so cool to get glimses of the blackened Broadway stages. They're almost like clean chalkboard slates, waiting to be filled.

So back to this "new music" I was talking about. On Monday I sang in a BMI presentation of new composers' works. My Singing Nun composer, Andy Monroe, had written a song for me and my Singing Nun co-star, Tracey Gilbert, to sing for the presentation, and it was from his new musical, The Kid. It was such a blast, because not only did I get to rock out to Andy's new tune, but I got to hear some of the other composers as well, and what an absolute treat! Each composer has such a unique sense of style, and it's thrilling to partake of such excellent work, to be hearing it and performing this new music for the first time. Incredible!

What I especially love about Andy's music is that its a great mix of today's pop sound with really strong musical theatre roots. It's part of that pulse I was talking about earlier. And to be able to sing that, to make people laugh and feel and be inspired by this new music, it's an absolute delight!


Tina Sams said...

Such a cool post! It made me feel like I was peeking through those doors right along with you.

Tina Sams said...

me again - just checked out Hippy Cream and they are AWESOME! Talent runs in the family :-).