Monday, April 10, 2017

When You Realize You Have Wings

I just finished the 100 Day Get In Gear challenge with Bonnie Gillespie, author of Self-Management For Actors, and I feel FABULOUS!

I signed up for this to kick off my New Year, and somehow managed to do it in the midst of rehearsals and performances for Steel Magnolias. It was truly life-changing!

I recommend SMFA to every actor I meet, and wish I would've read it myself sooner! It's a great guide to strategizing the business side of show business, as well as creating clarity on your brand and nurturing your creative career.

The 100 Day challenge draws from the tools Bonnie writes about in SMFA, and just expands from there, providing daily lessons filled with videos, MP3s, group powwows, and all sorts of goodies to inspire artists on our journeys.

Today is Day 100 for me, and I definitely feel like I have wings! Looking forward to the next adventure! Let's FLY!

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