Monday, June 17, 2013

Sasquatch Sightings in Manhattan!

Who knew Bigfoot had so many fans? Since joining "Sasquatched! The Musical," I have been delighted to discover that some of my friends love the Bigfoot legend. And I have to join them! Since I play Pat the Park Ranger, I get to join the Sasquatch on his adventures, and it's a real treat!

It's a blast being a part of such an original new musical. The show is fun, funny, and has a lot of heart. While rehearsing the final number last week, I found myself in tears. It was so moving!

I'm also enjoying the "Sasquatch Sightings" which have been happening in the city. Our Sasquatch, Arthur, has been seen at the Guggenheim and made an appearance in Time Square!

Tickets are now available for this limited run. Hope you'll come join the fun! :)

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