Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Voice

When I got home last night, I worked on my music for today's audition for "The Secret Garden."

I've always wanted to sing one of the big numbers from that show, "Hold On," and lo and behold, it's one of the required audition pieces for the character I've been called in for.

Such a great song!

I've also been experiencing music in a whole new way by applying acting techniques from Tim Phillips' book, "Audition for Your Career" and  Harold Guskin's "How To Stop Acting." I'm experiencing the music and the words in a whole new way!

And then I tuned into The Voice.

I've heard the hype. I've seen the magazine covers. And usually hype will turn me off. So I'm not sure what led me to The Voice last night, but I loved it. And I was impressed by the coaches and the advice they offered.

Like Lionel Richie's advice to not push, to just let the sound and energy come out. Christina Aguilera's advice to sing from the heart. And Jewel's assertion that the words have to mean something to you.

My friend, Tina, says its like free advice for singers. :) You can really tell when someone is "in" the song.

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