Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Next Adventure

I had such a great time, performing in the musical, "Hell's Belles" at the Abingdon Theatre this past weekend. What a great space!

Since our show was a one night benefit, we performed on a set that was built for another show, and it definitely increased my admiration for set designers, because this set was built with levels of all depths and heights, and completely added an extra sense of dimension. It felt like a whole new show!

When I moved from a 3 foot tall platform on one side of the stage to a 5 foot tall platform on the other side of the stage, I felt like I was "flying" as Judy Garland, which was appropriate since she's supposed to be visiting from Heaven. :)

It was so fun!

Now, I'm going into rehearsals for the staged reading of "Maybe This Time," a play about a Liza Minnelli impersonator who's looking for love. I play his best friend and Bette Midler impersonator, so I definitely have my homework cut out for me, but what great homework!

I feel so honored to play these larger than life ladies. They're so inspiring! And I feel like they're saying, "Come on out and play!"

I really get to let loose, and yet I feel more grounded in my work than ever, because I'm constantly working, utilizing my acting and singing skills, honing my craft.

It's so incredibly cool, and I'm thoroughly enjoying this time of my life.

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