Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Day of School

My friend and fellow actress, Gina Milo, often refers to the first day of rehearsals as "the first day of school," and it's so fitting! You show up with your book (music and script), pencils and pens. Your desk is either a music stand or a table for the "table read" of the script. Your classmates might be new or people you've worked with before. And there's always that thrill of excitement in the air!

(me on the first day of school - age 10)

Last night was the first full company rehearsal for Hell's Belles, so my husband, Rob, asked, "How was your first day of school?" ;)

It was GREAT! The cast is marvelous! I worked with Omri Schein in the last 2 incarnations of the show, and he is such a doll! Very funny! Oakley Boycott is a tall blonde drink of water, and her take on Marilyn Monroe had us all breathless! Last but not least is the marvelous Kristen Mengelkoch who had me rolling every time she opened her mouth.

We three ladies play about 20 characters - everything from Eva Peron to Eleanor Roosevelt to Janis Joplin - and it was a delight to watch everyone "transform" last night. The bodies, the faces, the voices! And with Omri as the master of ceremonies, we make a very full-fledged ensemble.

A talented, funny cast, and a wonderful crew, including Ernie Fimbres as our Stage Manager and Gail Cooper-Hecht as our daring costume designer. It's a lovely group, and I'm so thrilled to work and play with them all!

Special thanks to Tweiss Productions for inviting me along! ;)

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