Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Miracle is You

One of my friends recently went in for a very rough surgery, so I've been thinking of her and all the special people in my life. We were texting a great deal before her surgery - about life and really living each day to the fullest - and one of her texts struck such a chord. She said, "The miracle is YOU."

(photo by Paul Bates)

It makes me realize how precious life is, how each moment is so entirely unique and new unto itself. What happened yesterday will never happen the same way it did. It was what it was. Now we're onto a new moment.

"The gift is the present."

It makes me appreciate those folks who have shared this life ride with me all the more.

My friend, Tina, and I often talk about being surfers on the cosmic waves of life. And I feel like that with all my friends.

Sometimes we share an incredible wave together. Sometimes one of us wipes out, so we're there to support each other and help each other get back on our boards. Sometimes only one of us catches an incredible wave and the rest of us watch them surf the heck out of it. But no matter what, we're there for each other, sharing it in one way or another, and that is such a gift!

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