Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fighter

Finally got a chance to see "The Fighter," and - WOW! - what a great movie!

Based on the true story of boxer, Micky Ward, the film received countless nominations including Best Picture. I can see why! The cinematic story-telling was gorgeous, and who wouldn't be interested in a story about an underdog finding his strength?

Academy Awards and countless other honors went to supporting actors, Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, who absolutely transformed themselves for the roles of Micky's brother and mother. It was astounding work!

But I was also impressed by Mark Wahlberg's performance as the "quiet lion" Micky Ward, a man fighting not only for his career but to bring the volcanic people in his life together. It was great stuff.

And the supporting cast was incredible! A delicious ensemble of characters! The sisters! My god! They were a tornado of estrogen at its fiercest! And Jack McGee as Micky Ward's father, George, was so grounded and real. I wished he was my dad! :)

Amy Adams was also incredible as the tough-girl bartender who becomes Micky's sweetheart and "rock." Her versatility as an actress just keeps growing and growing. I can't wait to see what she's going to do next! She is full of surprises!

Lastly, I have to commend director David O.Russell for his vision of this film. There were so many incredible moments. And the cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema was just beautiful! Kudos to the entire production team, cast and crew!

I wish I would've caught this movie in the theatre, because I bet it was great on the big screen. But I will say the DVD extras are awesome! This film is a keeper!

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