Friday, March 26, 2010

The Joy of Auditioning

Today I had an audition that just felt fabulous. Everything seemed to align - the research I'd done on the show, the monologue I'd chosen for it, everything fit. The casting person was so wonderfully open to the ride and we had such a lovely rapport. It was like someone had turned on a light in a dark room. Everything just felt electric! And the piece, the playwright's words, the environment of the play, the character's sass and vulnerability all seemed to come to life through me! Everything just seemed magical.

I love moments like that!

It's so cool.

And it seems to be happening more and more this year.

I had a musical audition like that not too long ago where there was just this sense of soaring! I felt like I was on Cloud 9 all day!

This is the gift of working to your satisfaction, of doing work you feel good about, of continually learning every time you walk into that audition room, feeling the thrill of growing as an artist, and savoring it all.

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