Friday, February 19, 2010

Times Square

If you're a tourist, there's nothing like visiting Times Square. That is where the heart of the hubbub is in Manhattan. And as an actor, that's where most auditions are since the Actors Equity Association is there as well as various casting offices and studios.

Sometimes it's a challenge to move through the crowds to get where you want to go. But today, I absolutely loved it. I just had this sense, this feeling of... "Yes!"

There's nothing like walking the streets that house all these delightful Broadway and Off Broadway theatres. And as I passed by a few of them on my way to an audition, I affirmed, "I now make my Broadway debut!"

I'm in the city of my dreams, I'm working every day towards my goal of working on Broadway. I feel like a combo of Evita...

"I wanna be a part of B.A.... Big Apple!"

...and Laverne and Shirley (cue theme song): "We're gonna do it!"

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