Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Fenny Fund

A few weeks ago, a friend of Rob's asked if he knew any singers or bands who could contribute to a CD she was making for The Fenny Fund, a charity focused on helping NY dogs and their owners deal with overwhelming vet bills due to a pet's unexpected illness.

Rob mentioned Hippie Cream, a groovy band from my hometown of Hemet, CA that my brother, Sean, plays drums for, and Traci loved their sound.

He also suggested I send something for consideration. Since I only have a few recordings that I've done for the musical, Hell's Belles, I sent Traci "Let's Sing 'Em All," my rendition of Judy Garland singing about getting through life's challenges with a smile and a song.

Well, don't you know, Traci liked the song and put me on Volume One for the Fenny Fund CD.

I am so stoked, especially to be included with groovy groups like Hippie Cream and the other incredible artists.

Many thanks to the Hell's Belles writers Steve Liebman and Bryan D . Leys for allowing their song to be used for this charity.

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