Friday, January 08, 2010

The Big Day

As I get back into auditions after a short hiatus to get married, I'm reminded very much of how trying out for a role is like trying on a wedding dress. There are tons of beautiful, glittering gowns, but not all of them are a perfect fit.

Of course clothes are made to be altered, and even acting roles will change depending on who is cast. Look at the various actors who've played James Bond or Glinda the Good, for instance!

Even the wedding gown I chose actually started as something else. It was beautiful, to be sure, but the shoulders were floppy and the sleeves and skirt were too long.

Luckily, my sweetheart's co-worker, Annamarie Ferrando, took one look at the dress and knew exactly what to do!

She's a ballroom dancer on the side and makes her own gowns, so she was able to make the alterations to my wedding dress with ease.

Plus she had seen me perform Off Broadway in the 1940s comedy Johnny on A Spot and felt that I had an Old Hollywood glamor that my wedding dress should accentuate. So she took it apart and absolutely transformed it.

I was thrilled with the results!

She combined my favorite eras of Edwardian/Victorian England...

... and then took me into 1930s Hollywood with a lovely satin and faux fur wedding wrap.

One of my friends captured the back which really shows off the art deco lines. I was kneeling to talk to my nephew. :)

Annamarie said when she first took on the project, "People should look at YOU in the dress, not the other way around. The dress shouldn't wear YOU!"

And I loved that. I loved that she was able to tailor the dress to my personality. And her attention to detail was incredible! She didn't feel my crown had enough sparkle, for example, so she added extra pearls and rhinestones. Boy, did I feel like a fairy princess!

And I love that my guy was blown away when I walked down the aisle.

We were both so overwhelmed by all the love and joy that greeted us on that special day, and we will remember it for years to come.

It was truly one of the best days of my life, and I hope that everyone who wants to celebrate such a day, will have one!

Much love and joy to you all!

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