Friday, October 02, 2009

Wild Week

My head is still spinning from all that's going on, so let me backtrack.

The readings for Got You went really well. We received a lot of positive feedback, and I was floored to have a 2-time Tony Award winning actress tell me how much she loved my work! It was such an unexpected, magical moment, and rather surreal when someone you've seen on Broadway and in film is suddenly right there in front of you. To have her say how much she enjoyed my performance was simply mind-blowing, and I felt so honored to be able to share with her how much I admired her work as well.

I love love love how theatre (and any kind of art-form really) can bring people together in unexpected ways. It is wonderful to come together and share what moves us.

Next up - I'm going into rehearsals for a guest performance as Celia in As You Like It at NYU.

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