Monday, October 12, 2009

Class and Cartoons

I am astounded at how much can happen in a week! Is it just that whole NY minute thing? I'm not complaining, believe me! And I can tell from my friends around the country that they're zooming too!

Last week, I performed scenes from As You Like It for an NYU screen-writing class. It was really cool to meet some of the young writers afterward and talk about the shows, films, and music that's inspiring us all!

Then I jumped into the advanced monologue class with Karen Kohlhaas at the Atlantic Acting School. Man, I love that school! Just such a great vibe, and Karen's class is simply amazing! Like putting your foot on the gas to go-go-go!

One of the parts of the class focuses on goal-setting, from small (can do in a day) to medium (2 weeks to a month) to the really big deals! I tell ya, it really helps to look at things this way and to really celebrate all the steps we take towards fulfilling goals.

For example, late on Friday, I got an email to audition for a new cartoon about life in an aquarium. I was sent a scene, which was really cute, and just had to get a decent recording to send to the casting director. Thank the gods, I already had gone through the process of making MP3s for a voice over company a few months ago! So I was able to get my recordings done in a few hours and get the best ones mailed out. That felt great!

Now I'm working on a new monologue for class, and researching one for a specific audition coming up next week. I also have rehearsal with one of my classmates tonight.

I LOVE being in the groove with this great sense of moving forward! Vroooom! :)

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Tina Sams said...

You SO have bubbles in your voice, and I know you're a superhero, so you should get that part.