Friday, July 24, 2009

Your Own Back Yard

You know how in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy talks about the magic of her own backyard? Well, it made me feel lucky, because Manhattan is my backyard, and it has always been my dream to make it on Broadway. But it also made me think of friends and family who are making their dreams come true in their own backyards. :)

My brother is recording music and filming videos with the bodacious band Hippie Cream in our hometown of Hemet, CA. I am amazed at the talent that has come out of that tumbleweed town, but it keeps booming! A few people have even remarked that "Hemet is the next Seattle" for the music and art boom. They also make some awesome coffee at the Ya Ya's Coffee House. :)

I could say the same thing about Lancaster, PA, a place that was home to me and my honey for a few years while we performed with the acting troupe for the PA Renaissance Faire.

I recently visited The Twisted Sisters, two hysterically funny women whom we met at the Faire. They ran the Herb Shoppe at the Faire and later branched out into their own businesses, including handmade soap. Maryanne also makes gorgeous glass jewelry via her Torchsong Studio, and Tina has cultivated various books and is the editor/creator of the magazine The Essential Herbal.
I visited the Sisters last weekend, and got the bonus of hanging out with Tina's daughter Molly (above left) who is a very groovy girl all her own.

Going to their place was almost like visiting Oz, because it's SO GREEN!

This is Tina and Maryanne's backyard. Wow!

The Sisters make incredibly cool products, and I'm HOOKED on Tina's tinctures and teas. I'm hoping they'll be adding the teas to their websites soon, because they are AMAZING.

And their soaps are absolutely luxurious and smell wonderful! Chock full of essential oils and herbs. Mmm!

While I was visiting Lancaster, Tina also showed me the booming downtown area, complete with art design school and all sorts of hip little shops.

We went to Sarah Campbell's shop, Radiance, which was like walking into a layer of heaven. The shop is filled with color and light and all sorts of cool stuff. Books and clothes (I got a really cute tanktop) and jewelry (I actually bought some earrings that Maryanne had made), and I love-love-LOVE Sarah's bodycare line. I bought the eye cream and night serum and am thrilled with both. They truly are luscious! And there are all kinds of classes that go on there. The Yoga Room also serves as an art gallery. How cool is that? And Sarah's daughter has a massage room right next to the children's fairy room. Can't wait to go back there!

It was a great visit, and I can't wait to go back period!

The Sisters are going to start giving herbal tours called Weed Walks, an all day event that teaches how to identify herbs and plants, cooking with nature's bounty, and crafting. Their first all-day herbal adventure is coming up August 9th.

Talk about truly getting creative in your own backyard! :)

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