Thursday, November 13, 2008

A rainy afternoon with Charles Busch

You know how everyone says they like to curl up with a good book on a rainy day? It's because no one can bring such vivid color to a gray day like a favorite author.

Well, today, that writer for me was Charles Busch. He's a brilliant playwright and performer whom I first encountered via the classic "camp" movie, Psycho Beach Party. That style of "old Hollywood" meets the hipsters of today with a blast of one fabulous drag queen poured into several fabulous gowns... what more could you ask for? ;)

Today I got to read for a role in his new play, The Third Story. It was such a fun romp! To get to play with that style - that sense of high drama mixed with crazy comedy (sounds like a fun cocktail, doesn't it?) - was such a pleasure to embrace! To enter the "worlds" he creates, and to get to perform his work - even for 2 minutes - is such a treat! :)

The interesting side note is that I've been working on some pictures from his play, Die Mommie Die! for my friend, Brian Swasey's website. I'm a designer on the side, and Brian was Assistant Director for the recent Off Broadway production, Die Mommie Die! which Charles wrote and starred in. Brian was also my director for the Off-Off Broadway revival of the musical Lucky Stiff, so I just find this whole thing rather cool and serendipitous.
Here's to adding some humor, color and glamor to your day! :)

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dean said...

Hi, Laura! I love your blog. I came across it because I get google updates on "The Third Story" and on Charles Busch, because I do a blog on him. We're also friends, and I love reading people's experiences with meeting and working with him.

I was interested to learn you are a web designer as well, as one of my fantasies has been to become a website designer for performing artists and other theatre types. Just this morning, a local actor who I'm *very* intrigued by asked me if I design websites. He had seen a few of my blogs. I got so excited, because I would LOVE to design his site, but alas, I don't know how to do anything beyond Blogger. I'm rambling, but I just was excited by your post, and like your other posts as well. Beautiful photos of Central Park!