Monday, November 10, 2008

Food for the soul

One of my favorite lessons that an acting coach gave me was to "work, play, and rest." Some people might think that the work actors do is really just play, but it's actually A LOT of work. There's research, keeping in shape (physically, artistically, emotionally), memorization, studying voice, movement, music if you're a singer, there's a lot of cultivation that has to happen on a daily basis. And that's not even going into the business aspect of show business, which includes updating pictures, resumes, electronic submissions, job searches, auditions, postcards, letters, promotions, web-updates, marketing, all that stuff.

Then comes the PLAY part, freeing up the body, mind and spirit to let the art flow, and that's the fun part, though one of my favorite writers argues that ALL of it can be fun, and I agree. I love the work that goes into the play. :)

Coming off of doing 3 shows since July, I'm in the cultivation process of working on monologues, taking classes, going to the gym, hitting auditions.... I'm also taking time to just SAVOR the city.
I went to Central Park on Saturday and though it was rainy, I loved it so much that I vowed to return the next day, camera in hand. And boy, am I glad I did! Isn't it beautiful? I walked about with the tourists and other New Yorkers who'd come to enjoy Autumn in Bloom. It was such a revitalization for my spirit, a harvest for the soul.

So I hope you too are getting to stop and smell the roses in the midst of your work and play.

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