Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Living the Dream

I've been hearing this phrase a lot lately. All of my friends have been saying it, "Laura, you're living the dream." And it's so cool to realize that... Yes! I am!

I started rehearsals yesterday for Johnny On A Spot at the Theatre at St. Clement's. Director Dan Wackerman introduced the cast and crew before the table-read and gave us a bit of background on this lovely Off Broadway theatre. Turns out its the 2nd oldest off Broadway theatre! Cherry Lane, where I'll be performing this Saturday in Kaboom is the first, dating back to the 1920s.

St. Clements was the home for The American Place Theatre in the 60s (Tennessee Williams and Myrna Loy were two of the original Board members) and now its home for the Peccadillo Theatre Company.

Our table-read went really well. It's a big cast! But I guess a lot of the productions in the 40s had large casts, so its cool to be in the thick of it all. Plus I'm surrounded by men! It's me and 2 other actresses surrounded by a lot of fellas. :)

Then after the Johnny rehearsal, I boogied home for some dinner and then dashed off for Kaboom rehearsal. We got to play on our set, which was in a warehouse in Jersey.

Since Kaboom is part of the Fringe Festival we're only in the Cherry Lane for 5 actual performances. But we have GREAT time-slots, so that's incredibly cool.

In the meantime, our set is in holding until tech rehearsals, which are tomorrow actually! Woo!

Stay tuned!

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