Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Early Spring?

This morning, with the rain drizzling throughout Manhattan, it felt so much like Spring! Of course, once the rain subsided, a cool breeze swept in to remind us all its still Winter in the Big Apple! And this leads me to today's post: yummy reading to tide us all over until Spring! :)

My friend, Tina, an awesome soul sister from PA, created this groovy magazine called The Essential Herbal. In these times of going green, Tina was ahead of it all with focusing on natural soaps, herb gardens, essential oils, etc. Her upcoming mag focuses on the importance of home-grown goods, and to get a taste of it all, she's offering a free download of last Spring's magazine:

It's an awesome magazine, and I actually started writing for it a few months ago. My article is called "Deep Within the Core." Hope you dig it!

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