Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Going Blog-Wild!

Blame it on my friend Tina. She started this. And I am SO GLAD she did! When I first heard about blogging a few years ago, I was reluctant to post "my stuff" online, but over time I've come to realize how utterly cool, inspiring, and helpful blogs can be.

Check this out: Emily Whyte, a friend of mine from VP Boyle's Musical Theatre Forum started The Ulitmate Theatre Homepage with some of her buds, and it's a great site! Lots of helpful links for NY actors: http://www.theatremafia.com/ultimatetheatrehomepage.htm

And the thing that I love most? Their BLOG! It goes hand in hand with their site very nicely and gives more in-depth, hands-on, been-there-done-that experience which is GREAT! I wish it had been around when I first came to NY.

Tina also stumbled upon this blog which she sent me, and I LOVE the little glimpse it gives into the life of a Hollywood screenwriter: http://juliegoestohollywood.blogspot.com/
Blog on, Julie!

And of course, there's Tina's blog, which I am always inspired by: http://theessentialherbal.blogspot.com/

It gives this New Yorker a lovely glimpse into the PA countryside, and I am always warmed by Tina's humor as well as inspired by her knowledge. Rock on, soul sister!

So put on your blog-shoes and jump into the web. It's awfully cool!

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