Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Day with The Queen in Hogsmeade

This summer began joyously with a visit to LA to see our old friend, Kacey Camp, who played The Queen at The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which was my first full-time acting gig. Kacey welcomed me to The Faire in the same way she helped my husband and I move to New York: with an open heart.

She was so good at playing The Queen that my hubby and I continued to call her, Your Majesty, especially if we wanted to curry favor.

As I began to work onstage in New York, Kacey moved out to LA and landed some sweet gigs on TV. She was even showcased on Entertainment Weekly when Universal Studios opened up Harry Potter World. So my hubby and I headed to LA to see my family and catch up with Kacey at her new stomping grounds in Hogsmeade!

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