Friday, February 10, 2017

"Steel Magnolias" at Stomping Ground Theatre Co.

This month I started rehearsals for "Steel Magnolias," the play by Robert Harling, which was written for his sister. We open one month from today on 410 West 40th Street. Tickets are $18 and the cast is a wonderful group of women with a wealth of theatre experience!

(Left to Right): Joan Valentina as Clairee, Rebecca Hoodwin as Oiser, Katie Donnelly as Annelle, Anna Laura Strider as Shelby, Katherine Alt Keener as M'Lynn, and Laura Daniel (me) as Truvy.
Stomping Ground Theatre Company is making it all happen, and they're a fearless new non-profit company creating "a home away from home for the socially conscious." They are FABULOUS ladies! Angela Shultz is directing (below far right) and Melissa Harlow (center)is our sensational stage manager:

For those who don't know "Steel Magnolias," it was originally done Off Broadway in 1987 and ran until 1990 after 1,126 performances. The Hollywood film was released in 1989, and the play made its Broadway debut in 2005. Lifetime created a TV movie in 2012 with Queen Latifah.

It's a truly beautiful story about 6 women, three generations of resilient Louisiana ladies who live as large as they can in their small town.

In the play, it all takes place in Truvy's Beauty Shop, which is a place of laughter and love and some big secrets! As Truvy, I'm certainly delighted to be making some magic happen! "Let me get my magic wand and some fairy dust! And use as much hairspray as you want!" ;)

Hope to see y'all  next month!

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