Thursday, February 18, 2016

Booking and "Trending" Screening Tonight!

This week has been jam-packed with goodies! I got a callback on Monday for the lead in "Do Re Mi" for Musicals Tonight, got the offer Monday night, and have been flying ever since!

I've also been swept up in promos for Trending: A Series:

The proof of concept is screening tonight at Pop Up Anthology:

My character, Madeline Lich, is a client of this whacky PR Firm that makes me think of Ab Fab meets The Office.

This looks says it all: "I'm trending where?!!"

"Poor CEO Madeleine Lich...(played by Laura Daniel) finds herself Trending for activities she can't even remember.
Let the staff of #Trending (below) get you out of a pickle. CEOs to reality series stars are our specialty! There is no WRONG we cannot REWRITE!"

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