Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Up Next: Singin at the NYTB in the D-Lounge

While in the midst of developing "Petunia's Coffee House," I'm also performing some of Andy Monroe's songs next Monday July 21 at the D-Lounge at the NY Theater Barn on 101 E. 15th Street.

NYTB in the D-Lounge is New York Theatre Barn’s revolutionary platform for meeting emerging writers, supporting established writers and presenting new musical theatre work. Established in 2007, the series has featured hundreds of writers and performers.

UP NEXT: MONDAY JULY 21 @ 7:30 pm
Doors open at 7pm, Show starts at 7:30pm

$15 General Admission ($10 for students/BMI Members)

2 drink minimum at the bar

Featuring songs from many of his shows (including his Jerry Bock Award-winning musical, DRIVE) along with stand-alone gems and little-heard specialty material, Andy’s new concert shines a spotlight on the solo performer.  Seven singers (Bill Coyne, Laura Daniel Koch, Robbie Fowler, Deborah Grausman, David Marshall, Courtney Shaw, and Tom Stuart) take turns at the mic, delivering songs that are funny, poignant, and brimming with humanity.

Andy and I worked together on "The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun" for the NY Musical Theatre Festival. I won the NYMF Award of Excellence, and Andy later received countless awards for his musicals, including "The Kid." 

Andy has a great pop sensibility, and I LOVE his music! 

I'm singing from a show he wrote called, "Chasing Garbo," which is based on the movie "Garbo Talks." I play Jane Mortimer, a struggling actress who loves old movies and helps the hero in his quest to find Greta Garbo for his dying mother.

Looking forward to singing, "My Best Friend" from Sally Peaches and "The Grand Gesture" from Chasing Garbo.

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