Monday, October 28, 2013

Comedy Work in Progress

It's fun to see how work I've done over the years has created my own little cast of characters. I recently submitted for an online comedy series, and they asked for a list of my work, so here's what I sent:

I recently played an excited caller on a radio spot for Toyota. The clip's online at

Comedy mastermind, Ali Farahnakian, taught me sketch writing, focused for SNL at The PIT. I've also performed in various shows there, playing s secretary on crack. ;)

I played the Great White Shark's girlfriend, Sally, in JAWS the Musical at the Broadway Comedy Club. A clip from my big song is on Youtube:

I was a New Yawk laundress in the short film, Laundry:

And I recently played Pat the Park Ranger in Sasquatched! The Musical. Yup, I was Bigfoot's BFF. ;)

Up Next: I play a loose lesbian on the prowl in Petunia's Coffee House. ;)

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