Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Busy booking!

This past month, it's been raining scripts! I've been juggling so many different versions of text and research. It's been a great test of focus, and miraculously, I've been booking gigs!
I booked a radio spot for Toyota, posted under Voice Overs on my Media page. I'm the excited caller. :)

I also just booked the role of Pat the Park Ranger in Sasquatched! The Musical, running in the New York Musical Theatre Festival July 9-14 at the Pearl Theatre. It's an incredibly cute show, and I'm excited to start rehearsing next month.

I got a call to play a devious debutante on the recording of Jerome Kern's "Roberta" this Fall.

And I just completed Heidi Marshall's on-camera class, which was AWESOME. I loved diving into a new script each week, casting my net wide, learning to trust my instincts and fine-tune my on-camera skills. It'll help with a web series callback I just got as well! ;)

Love love love this exciting time!

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