Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Audition Process

I've found it encouraging that the A-list actors for Les Miz were put through and prepared for a rigorous audition process. I love hearing Sally Fields' story of fighting to be seen for the role of Mary Lincoln. Each audition is an opportunity, and it's something that's still part of the artistic process.

I've already been to 2 auditions this New Year, and it felt good! Even the nervous energy that can hit before going into the audition room feels exciting. It's all part of it!

Tim Phillips' book, "Audition for Your Career" has been an invaluable tool. Though it's geared towards film auditions, the "Sherlock Holmsing" section can be applied to any audition. It's great homework for analyzing the text and looking into the human element of why characters do what they do, and of course, what they want. :) I cannot recommend it enough! It gives me the tools to go into auditions feeling stronger.

Happy Auditioning!

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