Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love is the Reason for it All

We had our first performance of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn yesterday at the Theatre at St. Clements, and the audience was very responsive to the revised script for this beautiful old show.

The music is so gorgeous! You can't help but be swept away on a tide of memories that hearken back to another age.

My father-in-law is going to love this show if it gets to Broadway. It's rife with rich harmonies and barbershop quartets and trios. Even the women get to mix it up a bit! And it's so well-balanced with luscious ballads and rowdy uptempo tunes laced throughout.

One of my friends who saw the show yesterday and is involved in A Catered Affair on Broadway said how much she loved the heartfelt intimacy of Tree's characters and how touching their relationships were.

This show is definitely all about family, and you can't help but think of your own as you take the ride with Katie and Johnny and their daughter Francie.

Who doesn't have a crazy aunt or uncle that makes you laugh? Or a parent you don't understand but would like to? It's all about people trying to "break through the concrete" like a mighty tree that won't stop growing, to reach out and connect, to live and laugh and love and make dreams come true... And it takes place in the early 1900s! Just goes to show how little has changed.

This show is all about love, really, and it really is an incredible pleasure to be involved with it!

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